Sometimes we need to check a if user is logged in on the website or not. As in a case we want to show a message to the current user or we want to show some specific content to a logged in user. In some other case we want to show few messages to the visitors only. So in these type of situations in wordpress, we can use a default function that is :


Above mentioned function is a default wordpress function which returns a boolean value that is TRUE or FALSE. This function does not require any parameter. It simply return TRUE if a user is logged in and vice versa.

How to use :

Just simply use this function in any of your wordpress file. Generally we use this in any of the theme file like below :

if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {

	echo 'User is logged in'; //here we can show message for logged in user

} else {

	echo 'User is not logged in'; //message for not logged in user


We can put our desired code snippet in place of messages as per our requirement. It is just simple and easy to use function. Happy coding 🙂