As we know wordpress is much popular now a days for its simplicity, user friendly admin and a huge community. So, while preparing a wordpress website we need to keep few things in our mind and upgrade functionality is very essential part of it. We should built a website which will easily up-gradable to the latest version which make us secure. Our website will be secure if we update it regularly because hackers will target not updated websites.

In this reference working with child theme concept is a good practice. A good wordpress developer will always work with the use of child theme.
Before this we need to know what is a child theme. As, the name indicates that it is a theme which is having all the functionality of its parent theme. In other words we can say that it is a theme which inherits all the features and styling of another theme(parent theme) is called a child theme.

So, the question arises that why we need child theme. Here I am trying to explain the need and the basic requirements to build a child theme. Reasons are as follows:

  • It is the recommended way of modifying the parent theme.
  • If we modify a parent theme and if a new version of this theme released and we go for update then all the changes will be lost.
  • Developer can work fast with this approach.
  • If we use a child theme then we can easily understand the basics of wordpress theme development.
  • Future Modifications in the website becomes easy and time saving.

So, try using child theme while working with a wordpress website. It is not only a best practice, even it will save our lot of time and make us ready to upgrade child theme frequently to its latest versions anytime.

As a smart wordpress developer, always use best and wordpress recommended ways 🙂