Sometimes we face this issue showing in our console. We are talking about the case when we find this error while working with WordPress. I have also faced this issue and find a solution for it. Sharing the solution here, it may save someones time.


I was working on a WordPress website where I have installed few plugins to extent features. In this reference I have installed a plugin name “TinyMCE Advanced”. It is a good plugin which is useful to enhance features of visual editor. After few months, a new version of the plugin launched and as usual I update the plugin to its latest version. When I go to check my console in browser I find the error like “Uncaught module definition dependency not found: tinymce/util/Delay“. Spend a lot of time to fix this error and finally fixed it.


As I have mentioned in problem that I have updated the plugin to its latest version and error shows up in my browser console like “Uncaught module definition dependency not found: tinymce/util/Delay“. To fix this Just follow the below mentioned steps :

Step 1 : Check plugin version
Step 2 : Update plugin version, if it is not updated to its latest version.
Step 3 : Now check WordPress version
Step 4 : Update WordPress to its latest version.

The issue is due to the JS conflict, among the versions. Make sure that both (Plugin and WordPress Software) must be at their latest versions. In my case error showing due to the conflict between “TinyMCE Advanced” plugin and “WordPress Software” versions.

You may face same kind of issue with other plugin and WordPress version, Solution will be the same. Just update them to their latest versions.