WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 and Beta 2 have been launched. But this version is still in development, we can download the beta versions for now and check the new things and report the bugs so that it will be more perfect. You can download beta version here :

Download beta 1
Download beta 2


Just download the beta version, check it and move yourself a step forward than the other ones. Version 4.6 beta 3 and beta 4 are yet to arrive. WordPress is going to add new features in its 4.6 version which is stated to launch on next month Aug 16, 2016.

I am sharing few upcoming features here:

Shiny Updates : This is to smooth the process of installing, deleting, updating plugins and themes. After this the user experience for these process will be more simple and straight forward.

Native Font in Admin : Load time will be fast after using native fonts. WordPress is using Open sans font for admin section. Now instead of relying on any external resource, wordpress is going to use native fonts. wordpress will use system font, this leads to removal of third party dependency and increase in load time.

Editor Improvements : Now editor is coming with a new reliable recovery mode. it will detect your broken url when you type them instantly.

There are few more enhancements will take place in this new version, to view full list go to wordpress 4.6 all features.